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Virtual Closing Solutions' unique proposition has been featured on TV news outlets.

Close. More. Deals.

Virtual Closing Solutions helps you close more deals.

More deals means more revenue. It’s a no-brainer, surely! But here’s some other reasons why Virtual Closing Solutions will help you grow your business and serve more clients.

Close More Deals

Reduce Deal Delays

Get everything done in a single session. Go from start to finish quickly and efficiently.

Engage and Sign in One Session

Engage and Sign in One

Engage your clients, take them through everything they need to know, provide reassurance, answer questions and get your documents signed. It couldn’t be easier.

No More Wasted Time or Money

No More Time Wasted

No more cancelled or delayed appointments. No more inconvenience of trying to find closing times that suit everyone. No more travel expenses or mobile notaries. Every deal more profitable.

Reduce Exposure to Fraud

Reduce Fraud Potential

With robust identity checks using official documentation bundled as part of the process and evidential video recordings, you can be sure that fraudsters are not only deterred, but they’re detectable.

Increase Customer Convenience and Satisfaction

Convenient for Everyone

Any device, anywhere and with no software to download! Easy. No travel or inconvenient appointment times and locations! Even better. Virtual Closing Solutions just makes it easy to get deals closed.

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